Living the Untamed Heart

A Virtual Immersion into Your Pleasure, Power, and Wildness

with Ali Kole, Erin Kinney, Nicholette Routhier

February – April 2024

Living the Untamed Heart

A Virtual Immersion into Your Pleasure, Power, and Wildness

with Ali Kole, Erin Kinney, Nicholette Routhier

February – April 2024

On the outside, your life might look pretty great.

You’re grateful for all you have. But deep inside, the burning question remains, "Why can't I just feel complete, satisfied, and fully alive? I really shouldn’t even be complaining."

So, here’s our message to you, from a place of deep understanding and love:

You, in your magnificent, yearning self, are not alone. This seeking is a testament to the depth of your essence. Your dreams, desires, and the aching need for more — they're not flaws. They're beautiful, valid aspirations that define the essence of our shared human experience.

There’s an immense power in admitting, “I don’t feel complete." or "I don’t feel satisfied.” It's the first step towards seeking the ‘more’ that you know somehow deep within is accessible.

Just as we learn to excel at work or master a hobby, navigating our emotional and relational universe is a skill we can hone. Expressing our genuine feelings, connecting intimately, and feeling empowered are all attainable.

(Even if it’s something you’ve “always” struggled with.)

And you know the struggle well. You yearn to share the tenderness, the rawness, the fervor, the passion that flows in your heart.

We have all found ourselves in these relentless repeated ruts of miscommunication and missed connections.

The intimacy we deeply crave and long for feels elusive.

Maybe we don’t even know what we feel or desire. Or maybe we do but we don’t know how, or don’t trust, the true revealing of all that we want.

Instead of offering what is truly flowing through our bodies and our hearts, we might start to edit ourselves. We dim our light. We turn down the volume.

Over time, we drift away from our true selves, our untamed hearts become caged, and we are left with a watered down, tamed version of our expression.

Here's the truth though: Deep within, there's a heart that roars, fierce and wild. It's the untamed part of you, the genuine essence that beats with passion, pleasure, vulnerability, desires, and dreams. It knows what it wants, feels deeply, and yearns to express every intricate emotion. It is awake, alive, turned on and flowing in communion with nature herself, the cosmos and the Spirit that moves through all things.

Our untamed heart is resilient.

It never stops beating with its wild rhythm, waiting for the day it can fully sync with our voice, actions, and the world outside.

It has always been here, flowing as the current underneath the essence of who we truly are. Living the Untamed Heart means rekindling the bond between our body, our pleasure, our desire, our feelings and our expression. It means we allow ourselves to not only receive and experience this bond but we choose to fully claim and own the most powerful untamed version of our feminine essence.

You have the power to access and claim all of this...and more.

"Living the Untamed Heart" is your guide to not only access this untamed version of you but to sustain this deep connection in your everyday life and in your relationships.

And the good news is: You don’t have to “figure it out” all on your own.

Meet the Guides on Your Journey

As you explore the intricacies of your desires, dreams, and relationships, you’ll be held by a trifecta of remarkable facilitators:

Ali Kole

Ali is a trained teacher of the sensual and erotic arts, helping hundreds of women and couples to discover and expand pleasure, intimacy and energetic expression. Using her own 17 year marriage and executive career as a laboratory, Ali has devoted herself to the practice of relationship artistry and “modern femininity”.  She is a Certified Embodiment Teacher with John Wineland and has taught and/or assisted in over 1000 hours of Feminine Embodiment and Co-ed work with John and David Deida, as well as creating her own. In her Boulder based S Factor certified Sensually Embodied studio and around the world, she offers the safety and knowledge for everyone to reclaim their body for their own pleasure, and to access power, passion and hot chemistry anytime they desire, in the midst of a busy career and family life.


Erin Kinney

Erin is a trained Ceremonialist and delights in the realm of ritual and the shamanic arts. In the last 8 years, Erin has sat and trained in over a 100 ceremonies and has devoted her life to being in a heart of service. She is currently a Master student of Teo Alfero and co-teaches with Teo in the realms of energetic capacity, and other shamanic practices. Erin is also a Certified Embodiment Teacher with John Wineland. She has taught and co-led in over a thousand hours of Feminine Embodiment and Co-ed work. She co-led John's Embodied Women's Relationship Immersion, for the last three years, with a focus on the art of Feminine Expression in the modern world, helping women reclaim their hearts and the wild nature of their Feminine essence. Erin leads from a background of music, art, dance, theater and embodiment practices. She channels a tremendous amount of energy opening the gateway for new possibilities and a deeper connection to consciousness, the heart, and the Spirit that moves through all things.

Nicholette Routhier

Nicholette has been leading groups of women for the past five years to deepen their relationships with their partners, other women, themselves, and the world at large. She also gives private coaching to men, women and couples. She is a certified Embodiment Teacher, having completed over 1000 hours of training in Masculine and Feminine Embodiment and Sexual Polarity with John Wineland, David Deida, and Kendra Cunov. She was John Wineland's Lead Program Assistant for four years. During that time, she co-facilitated and co-created workshops and programs, such as the Embodied Women's Relationship Immersion and The Teacher Training, and led dozens of Assistant Teams to hold in-person and virtual groups from 40-200 participants across the globe. Over the past three years, she has been training in the lineage of Carlos Castaneda with Teo Alfero. She is a founding core ensemble member of UpLift Physical Theatre, an acrobatic theatre company that tours nationally and internationally. Her passion is supporting others in cultivating their fullest sovereign expression.


What to Expect

What to Expect in This Program

Living the Untamed Heart is designed to explore, discover, nourish and celebrate the Feminine. You were born with the innate Feminine gifts of pleasure, sensuality, emotionality, intuition, wisdom and a deep connection to nature and life force energy - the same energy that moves through all things. Over the years, culture, life events and experiences can dampen, mute and repress these natural gifts along with our ability to express and reveal our heart’s desire. We can become stuck in physical, emotional and energetic patterns that keep us from embodying the full expression of these gifts in our life and relationships. 

Living the Untamed Heart with the support of your facilitators, is a guide to remembering and reclaiming these gifts - to move, feel, communicate and connect with who we truly are and have always been. It’s an opportunity to do so in the safest space, witnessing other women's courage, beauty and power. Through this, you will become free, empowered and feel at home in your body.  You will become stronger, more fluid, awake and alive as you explore and express your emotions and desires. You will come to know yourself as the magnificent being you have always been and live it more fully in the world.

What to Expect on Live Group Practice Sessions:

Group Practice Sessions will include embodied practices to stretch, strengthen and awaken your physical, emotional and energetic body. You will explore how to listen to and follow the wisdom of your body. You will learn to be led by your own pleasure while staying connected to the earth. You will discover how to claim your power while remaining relaxed and present in your body. You will learn to express your wildness in a way that you and the world craves to experience.

You will learn how to create a sacred practice space in your own home to use for practice during and in between our sessions. Live calls will include time for you to ask questions and receive individual coaching in real-time on any of the practices or anything coming up inside the program. Calls may also  include breakout sessions with smaller groups to practice together and offer peer-to-peer support. We will assign homework and practices at the end of each call to be completed alone, with a partner, or in small groups. 

What to Expect From the Container and Community: 

Your safety is paramount to us. Our bodies and our hearts long to feel safe and in that sacred safety, deep transformation unfolds. With a trifecta of master facilitators, you will be held in a meticulous and intentional container that focuses on yogic and embodiment practice. You will be guided to explore concepts such as femininity, pleasure, and power, and move them through your body. As with any yoga, modifications will be available and you will never be asked to stretch beyond what serves your deepest opening. So much deep work can be done just by touching our own edges, or working with our own familiar patterns. 

You know your own capacity—where you can stretch and where you want to grow. While women learn a tremendous amount from other women, your path will not look exactly like any other woman’s. This container will include women with varying experience in the realm of embodiment practices. In this program, you will be encouraged, guided and honored to find your own individual expression, your individual desires, as well as your individual calling and purpose for being here. 

We understand that everyone may be at a different point on their path of exploration and growth. We honor that the power of the program lies within you. The depth and power of an experience is often directly related to the willingness of any participant’s openness to that possibility. We honor how each individual defines a deep and powerful experience, which may be different and unique from another’s perspective, and we will support each of you in cultivating your own deepest experience.

Your Journey Awaits

We've designed a thematic pathway to access and artfully express the full range of your emotions and desires, to create, invite and receive the life you truly desire:

Module 1


Here, we'll begin by anchoring you in a profound connection to your body, your senses and your sensuality. You will discover the pleasure that is your birthright and how to access this whenever you choose.

Module 2


With your newfound connection to your senses, your desires and your body, we then journey into your full embodied power. Dive into practices that teach you to harness the energy of feeling truly awake and alive. Access the tools to fully express, serve, receive and create what you want.

Module 3


And then, with grace and fierce intention, we unleash your true wild nature. Reclaim and embody the untamed aspects of your Spirit allowing a fuller and more authentic expression of yourself to take shape.

The progression of these themes ensures a holistic expansion of your individual sovereignty, freedom, and self-expression — the undeniable truth of who you are and have always been.

You — Untamed.

Program Structure

“Living the Untamed Heart” will support you through Group Practice Sessions, Dedicated Office Hours Calls, and a Private Online Community. Attending office hours and participating in the online community is optional, but is highly recommended in order to get the most out of your program.

Group Practice Sessions (required)

The program is anchored around seven Group Practice Sessions. During these 2-hour sessions, you’ll be expertly guided by Ali, Erin, and Nicholette through a blend of embodiment practices, ceremony, coaching, and exploration of personal expression in a safe, meticulous and loving container.

Dedicated Office Hours Calls (optional)

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions or request personalized guidance during the 90-minute Dedicated Office Hours Sessions.

Integration Weeks

We’ve intentionally included weeks without scheduled calls in order to allow you the time and space to integrate and practice what you’ve learned so far.

Private Online Community (optional)

An exclusive online space where you can connect, share, and gain insights from the facilitators and a community of like-minded women.

Personalized Expansion (optional)

For those seeking a more tailored experience, there's an add-on option for additional 1:1 private coaching. This is not required, but is available if you’d like more support.

Program Schedule

“Living the Untamed Heart” begins February 8, 2024 and ends on April 25, 2024. The overall flow for each module is a Group Practice Session, followed by an optional Office Hours Call, followed by a second Group Practice Session, and completing with an Integration Week (no calls). We’ll complete the entire program with a Celebration and Integration Call.

Module 1: Pleasure

  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, February 8, 8am – 10am PT
  • Office Hours Call: Thursday, February 15, 8am – 9:30am PT (optional)
  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, February 22, 8am – 10am PT
  • Integration Week: No call on February 29

Module 2: Power

  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, March 7, 8am – 10am PT
  • Office Hours Call: Thursday, March 14, 8am – 9:30am PT (optional)
  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, March 21, 8am – 10am PT
  • Integration Week: No call on March 28

Module 3: Wild

  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, April 4, 8am – 10am PT
  • Office Hours Call: Thursday, April 11, 8am – 9:30am PT (optional)
  • Group Practice Session: Thursday, April 18, 8am – 10am PT
  • Celebration and Integration Call: Thursday, April 25, 8am - 9:30am PT

By joining us on this transformative journey, you will:

  • Forge a deep connection and trust in your heart and bodily intuition.
  • Stand sovereign and unapologetic in expressing your deepest truths.
  • Dance with your sensual, erotic, and passionate self, learning to harness and celebrate these energies.
  • Dive deep into Feminine archetypes, broadening the horizons of your self-expression.
  • Hone your skills in interpersonal communication and intimate relating.
  • Revel in the art of pleasure, learning to both give and receive, forging deeper connections with yourself and potentially, with a partner.
  • Immerse yourself in the sacred, weaving its essence into every fabric of your life.
  • Flourish within a nurturing community, receiving and offering reflections and support alongside women who mirror your success, aspirations and dreams.


"Working with this astounding trifecta of feminine oracle magic has changed my life in all the best ways. I have had the deep privilege of working with Ali, Erin and Nicolette since 2020. Their complementary and unique approaches span the full range of feminine embodied expression through nature forms and archetypes. Their gifts weave together ceremony, coaching, expression of sexual potency and pleasure practice in a safe, meticulous and loving container. I have learned to play in my range of expression and to slow down. I  have explored my queenliness, my witchiness, my goddess ness and learned to trust my body in incredible ways. I made my shadows my allies and my demons now fight beside me instead of against me. If you are thinking about this program, trust what your heart is telling you to do. Working with these women will change your life." 

— Chelsea Berry

"I had the incredible privilege of working with and learning from Nicholette, Ali, and Erin over the course of nearly three years—a privilege that continues to unfold in my life in magical and beautiful ways. These women are uniquely gifted in a multitude of ways, bringing a gentleness, a fierceness, laughter, play, and profound support all as the moment calls. Whatever I needed in any practice, they knew and guided me without judgment through heavy emotions, into lightness, and ultimately back to myself. Over and over and over. I was brand new to a lot of this work, I had never heard of feminine movement, I was so removed from my body, I had no idea what my erotic or sexual self even looked like…The connection I made to my own heart under their stewardship and care is priceless. I couldn’t never quantify it let alone describe it any sufficient way. To say they changed my life wouldn’t be enough. Through their teaching, encouragement, and space holding, they gave me life—they helped me find my power, my essence, my love for myself. They reminded me of who I am. The gratitude and love I have for these women could never be measured. They are gift to anyone lucky enough to learn from them."   

— Kelly Sue Milano

"Individually, Nicholette, Erin, and Ali are powerful teachers, each with their unique gifts and approaches. However, it is their collaboration and synergy as the Trifecta (as I affectionately call them) that truly sets them apart. Their collective expertise amplifies their impact, creating a container of profound transformation, growth and safety. Together, they have seamlessly woven their teachings, supporting me on my journey of self-discovery and embodiment. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Nicholette, Erin, and Ali. Their combined wisdom, authenticity, and dedication have allowed me to delve into the depths of pleasure, embodiment, self-knowing, and ceremony. The Trifecta has become an integral part of my journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a profound transformation and a deeper connection with themselves."

— Jennifer Vega

"These three women are impeccable in the way they both set and hold the space. Each brings a unique voice and set of teachings, complimenting each other and challenging participants to stretch beyond what is known and comfortable. I so appreciate teachers who help me find new edges, both energetic and erotic. It's especially gratifying to step out of teacher mode into student mode and allow myself to be led by women I deeply trust. Whether it's a movement practice about embodying wildness, a deep dive into a guided journey or moving through the full spectrum of an emotion, these women will take you way out there, invite you to become something new and bring you back forever changed."

— Kate Randall

Your Investment

This program will require you to invest your energy, your time and your commitment into creating the transformation you desire. We will be here to guide you and support you, but no one can do this work for you.

Your investment for “Living the Untamed Heart” includes:

  • Seven 2-hour Group Practice Sessions
  • Three 90-minute Office Hours Calls
  • Integration Weeks to support you in fully embodying the transformations you experience.
  • A Private Online Community
  • Access to three expert facilitators, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and heart

The financial investment for this program is $2,400. A 3-payment plan is also available.

If you are interested in Personal Expansion through 1:1 coaching with one of the expert facilitators, you will have the option to add this when you sign-up.

Is this program right for me?

This experience is meticulously crafted for female-identified beings who want to fully explore their bodies, hearts, voices and power. This program has roots in yogic relating and sexuality combining embodied practices such as breath work, expression through movement and sound, relaxation, meditation, presence as well as coaching.

Topics of focus range from masculine/feminine polarity and energetics, relationship dynamics, communication tools, deepening relational intimacy, shadow work, Feminine archetypes, emotional range and expression, connecting with nature, and the ritual shamanic arts. We create a deep practice container that requires your full presence and live participation to maintain a tight and safe space. While this program includes all the mentioned areas of focus, there is no nudity or physical sexual activity.

As a result of this container, many participants can experience deep healing in this program, but it is not the primary focus. The facilitators are not therapists and this program is not therapy or psychological counseling. It is required that all participants agree to hold confidential the identities and shares of other participants to allow for each participant's safety and freedom of expression.

Curious whether this program is right for you? Please contact us at

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